Wall Climbing Remote Control Car💥Buy two free of charge💥

Wall Climbing Remote Control Car💥Buy two free of charge💥

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Imagine seeing your child as happy as the child above while driving his own GCar on the wall! 😍 You really have to see the amazing GCar Wall Climbing Car in action for yourself to truly appreciate how awesome it is! 😎😎

4 Colors To Choose From


It Truly Defies Gravity!

Our GCar can drive on any smooth surface like your windows, floors and it can even drive up your walls and ceiling! It uses a powerful vacuum technology to stick to any smooth surface and is guaranteed to bring you hours of fun😃

The GCar also has a high-quality toxic free ABS Plastic body, the same plastic being used on real cars, so that there will be no damage in the unlikely event that it falls from your walls or ceiling. Yet it is light enough to ensure that it can climb vertical surfaces and comes with it's own remote control.


For the whole Family!

We bought two for our children but we ended up using them too! It's super enjoyable and addictive. Once you start to play with it, you just don't want to let someone else get a shot! 😊😊

Cool Intelligent Bright Light

The GCar is also equipped with intelligent LED lights, which will automatically light up based on how you operate it. The two headlights turn on when the GCar moves forward, and both rear lights turn on when the RGCar moves backwards. While turning left will light up the left front lights and turning right will light the right front light.

Built in 360° Rotation Trick

The GCar has a built in rotation trick which will spin 360 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise when moving forward and backwards under the full control of the infrared remote controller with just a tap.

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Product Specifications:
Material: High quality, toxic free ABS Plastic
Remote Control Type: Infrared
Playtime: Approx. 10 Minutes
Charging Time: Approx. 30 Minutes
Car Battery: Built-in Rechargeable Battery
Controller Battery: 3*AA batteries

Package Includes:
1x GCar
1x Remote Control
1x USB Charging Cable
1x Manual
1x Box wrapped with thick bubble wrap